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Allimant Laugner Cremant d'Alsace Rose NV

Allimant Laugner Cremant d'Alsace Rose NV

Alsace, France

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"Cremant" is the French term for wines made in the Traditional Method, or the same way as Champagne, but produced in one of several region outside of Champagne. The specific region follows the word Cremant. This sparkling wine is produced in Alsace, in the northeast of the country. Alsace shares a border with Germany, and the region has actually traded hands between the French and Germans over several centuries; the wine styles reflect that. Though we think of Germany as a cold climate, Alsace (and the Pfalz, its German border neighbor), are relatively milder, warmer, drier climates.

The primary red grape of Alsace is Pinot Noir. In fact, any sparkling rose from Alsace must be 100% Pinot Noir. Full of crisp cherry and strawberry, with a slightly rosey floral note, the focus of this wine is freshness, with just a hint of leesyness.

Pairings: A great wine for creamy cheeses, prosciutto or speck, sauerkraut, raw or seared tuna, mild sausage dishes, fruit-based salads.

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