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2007 Blees Ferber Pinot Noir (Blanc de Noir) Eiswein (Ice Wine) - Noble Sweet
2007 Blees-Ferber Blanc de Noir Ice Wine (Noble Sweet) 375ml - Mosel

2007 Blees Ferber Pinot Noir (Blanc de Noir) Eiswein (Ice Wine) - Noble Sweet

Leiwener Klostergarten, Mosel, Germany

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Pretty much a stand alone in the dessert wine category and absolutely unbelievable - White Pinot Noir Ice Wine. This Blanc de Noir Ice Wine is a true treasure.  Pinot Noir is not commonly used for Ice Wine, but done as a Blanc de Noir (white of black) it is amber color and has a truly memorable aroma of red berries, coated with heavenly vanilla and caramel. Followed by mouth-puckering, tear jerking acidity, this is liquid gold at its finest.
A traditional ice wine only happens in rare years when the first frost, usually in December, will freeze the small portion of grapes that the vintner has left on the vine. Ice wine grapes have the minimum sugar level of a Beerenauslese, but must be unaffected by botrytis.
Pairings: Indulgent cuisine like foie gras and paté, along with strong cheeses, lush desserts or stand alone!
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