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Any Meal from Start to Finish!
Barth Riesling Sekt - Brut, Gutzler Blanc de Noir - Dry, Wasem Pinot Noir - Dry, Siegrist Dornfelder - Dry, Barth Charta Riesling - Dry, Blees-Ferber Riesling Auslese - Noble Sweet

Any Meal from Start to Finish!

6 food-friendly wines for any 3-4 course meal

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As if planning a multi-course dinner for a bigger group isn't difficult enough... In addition to the food, there is also the dilemma of what wines to serve. With that in mind, we have put together a selection of our most food-friendly wines that will pair appropriately with almost any 3-4 course meal.
We have included the following, designed for each course:
Barth Riesling Sekt – Brut (Reception or Starters)
Considered one of Germany’s best Sekt producers, this traditional method Sekt is a delightful bubbly with the essence of pear and apple, leaving just a hint of sweetness. This bubbly spends 18-36 months on the yeast and is then hand riddled and disgorged upon order to ensure maximum freshness!
Pairing: Starters, chicken, fresh fish, shellfish, veggies, hard and triple creme cheeses or as an apéritif!
Gutzler Blanc de Noir – Dry (Starters, cheese course, salad course)
Made from the Pinot Noir grape, but pressed right off the skins and done as a white wine in blanc de noir style. This wine is light in color, medium-bodied, and has exceptional depth. It has a soft and velvety texture, crispy minerals and an aromatic nose of ripe cranberry and raspberry. After a few minutes a rich flavor of ripe stone fruits unfolds on the palate. Reminiscent of Champagne without the bubbles!
Cuisine: Rich cheeses like goat and brie, as well as shellfish, chicken, vegetable dishes and more!
Barth Charta Riesling – Dry (fuller bodied white for 2nd or 3rd Course)
Found only in Rheingau, this is an exclusive wine with amazing character and a flavor profile that separates Charta German Riesling from any other Riesling in the world. The nose has mineral and aromatic scent of blossom and honey, some peach and candied citrus fruit round out this wine.
Since 1983 Charta wines have reflected long-standing quality standards that are traditional to Rheingau Riesling. Wines made according to the strict Charta method are very fruity and racy, extremely well balanced and designed as an ideal food compliment. 
Cuisine: Grilled, broiled or baked fish and also sushi, lobster bisque, salmon, tuna... Pork tenderloin, poultry, veal, game and lamb in a hearty, rich sauce.
Wasem Spätburgunder (Pinot Noir) – Dry (lighter red – 2nd or 3rd Course)
The town of Ingelheim has been planted with Pinot Noir since the early Middle Ages, when Charlemagne brought over vines from Burgundy more than 1000 years ago.  This wine is representative of a soft and well-balanced Pinot with full berry, plum and lavender aromas. It has a silky smooth texture, is round in the mouth and finishes with a hint of soft tannins.
Cuisine: Hearty meat dishes, game, wild foul, grilled preparations, earthy cuisine (mushrooms, herbs, bacon) and more!
Siegrist Dornfelder – Dry (heavier red – 2nd or 3rd Course)
Dornfelder is a unique German red wine varietal that is dark ruby in color with flavors of tart cherries. The Siegrist Dornfelder has a soft nose, bright acidity and good tannic structure with lots of cranberry, red currant, tart cherry and cloves on the palate.

It goes through an extended maceration and are aged in small oak barrels in the estate’s historic barrique cellar from 1555. The Siegrist family brought in these oak barrels from Burgundy to give their red wines their distinctive, exotic flavors.
Cuisine: An ideal food compliment to roasts, steak, pastas, and hearty meat dishes.

Blees-Ferber Riesling Auslese (GKA) – Sweet (Dessert or a strong cheese course for final course)
Aromas of fresh peach and vanilla, showcasing the distinctive Mosel minerality. Flavors that resemble the childhood fair with notes of sour apple and cotton candy. BA quality, drink today or store for 40+ years!
This Auslese is from the Piesporter Gärtchen vineyard, which is a parcel solely owned by Stefan Blees and located atop the famous Piesporter Goldtröpfchen vineyard.
Cuisine: Fresh berries with vanilla bean ice cream, fruit tarts, apple pie, crème brûlée…  Also great with strong, bold cheeses as a finishing course.
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