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Wine Pairing Video Guide

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Your Themed Wine Pairing was designed to be tasted side-by-side. This is the ONLY way to truly identify and learn about the differences between wines.

Tasting the wines is easy. Simply do the following:

1. Watch these videos on how to best enjoy your Wine Pairing and learn directly from Eddie.

2. Review the materials included with your shipment for detailed information on your Wine Pairing.

3. Prepare any foods in advance using our included recipe cards, so that they can be tasted together with the wines.

4. You can also use our Food Pairing Chart for take-out and and appetizer options, if you are short on time.

5. Provide 2 wine glasses per person, so that the wines can be tasted side-by-side.

Watch Our Wine Pairing Video Guides

  • Chapter 1
    How To Use Your Wine Pairing

  • Chapter 2
    How To Taste Wine Correctly

  • Chapter 3
    How To Properly Pair Wines With Food

  • Chapter 4
    Stemware, Decanting & Serving Temperatures

Complete Video Guide

Can't get enough of our Themed Wine Pairings?

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